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Charles C. Theriot, Senior Operator / Gasoline Blender

Vessel Blenders has been instrumental in building and maintaining my gasoline blending at the largest gasoline export terminal in the U.S. Gulf Coast, Kinder Morgan. 

The superintendents are extremely knowledgeable on vessel and shore activities, and ensure that the best customer service is given at all times.  They not only act quickly when there is an issue or when I change my blend plan, but they are very good at foreseeing issues that may come up during the load.  This allows me to discuss alternatives with the terminal to come up with solutions that won’t negatively impact my blends or economics.

It is a good feeling to know someone is always in attendance of the load / discharge and I can contact them 24 hours a day to find out what is going on with the load or discharge.  When they are there I know that my interest is protected and that they will do everything in the power to ensure the blend plan is followed.

I have blended hundreds of ships using Vessel Blenders over the last 6 years and can say that not one load or discharge was mishandled or incorrectly loaded / discharged when Vessel Blenders was in attendance.

Brittany Ross, Naphtha Operator

For my business, communication is key!  I choose Vessel Blenders to represent us on every blend vessel I load out of the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Vessel Blenders assigns one cargo superintendent per vessel and he sees the entire operation through, beginning to end.  I am in direct communication with my superintendent throughout every step of the process, and I trust him to be my eyes and ears through the day, and overnight.

As Operators, we all get busy and tired, and it is extremely comforting to know I can truly rely on Vessel Blenders to be protecting and advancing my interests. 

J.R. Sanders, Account Coordinator

Successfully blending cargos on board vessels is a precise process that demands leadership and a collaborative effort.

From start to finish of an operation, Vessel Blenders accurately executes blend plans and expedites operations by working closely with each party involved.

Based on my 21 years experience in the inspection industry, there is no one better in the business.

Austin Levonius, Agent

Working with Vessel Blenders is always an advantage. Their communication skills are 'Tier One'.  We benefit from common issues and delays forestalled by Vessel Blenders.


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