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Curt Phelps

Curt Phelps

Company Strategy Consultant

Curt’s focus is to improve long term efficiency and effectiveness in all cost, schedule and quality objectives for Vessel Blender’s deliverables, partnerships and team members.

Curt’s priorities and passion are on corporate transformational development and customer satisfaction. 

His experience in large commercial, government and charitable industries over 45 years insures customer driven priorities, organizational development and developing successful partnerships to create customer value and improve horizontal and vertical integration.

As a senior leader at Boeing he was responsible for delivery of large programs on time, within cost commitments and in meeting all quality requirements…every time.

Transformationally, Curt implemented changes across the technology and transportation industry to improve performance and in line with the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award that was established by Congress to promote improved quality of goods and services in all companies, industries and organizations.

He is best known as a “strategic thinker, driven program manager, and an entrepreneur in developing new products, processes and tools that enable customer satisfaction and industry wide progress and productivity.” 

Curt has Bachelor and Master of Business Administration degrees from Pepperdine University, and also studied business law and ethics.

He remains laser focused on long term success for customers, employees, and partners.


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