Our Strengths

Quality Representation

We pride ourselves on providing quality representation that you can trust.


It starts with recruiting professionals who are skilled in their areas of expertise, are strong leaders and problem solvers, and who have a deep understanding of what providing excellent customer service means.

When you work with Vessel Blenders, your interests are represented every step of the way, as our team plans, then orchestrates operations to achieve your objectives.  Some of the many areas that we focus on to create a quality experience for our customers are:

Reducing your efforts

  • Advancing your agenda in the field by coordinating directly with vessel crews, terminals and inspection companies.
  • Solving problems and resolving issues on your behalf whenever possible.
  • When your input is required, we assess the situation and present you with a summary and possible solutions

Simplifying communication

  • Direct communication with our superintendent in the field.
  • With a single phone call you can:

- Gain insight into field operations

- Instigate change in near real-time

Keeping you informed

  • We provide insightful updates at regular intervals, highlighting the most pertinent information.
  • Access information you need, at a glance, from our standardized reporting format.
  • You will likely hear from us first, if an issue requires your involvement or attention.
  • We prefer not to wake you, and try to prevent others from doing so, if something can wait until morning.
One of our favorite compliments to hear is when our clients tell us that they are able to “sleep easy” knowing we are attending their vessel.

Meet Our Team


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