Our Strengths


Our people and our experience are the core of our expertise.

Tanker vessel ship control panelPeople

We recruit only top tier talent with backgrounds as mariners, loss control representatives, petroleum inspection, terminal operations and other related industry experience.  This provides us a broad background of industry expertise to draw upon daily.  Equally important, we screen for strong leadership skills, coordination and problem-solving abilities, and an intimate understanding of excellent customer service.

Our staff, regardless of experience level, participates in a 60-90 supervised training period before being released to attend vessels independently and work directly with clients.  During this demanding period, they learn our processes, procedures and customer service expectations.


Our onboard vessel blending expertise is unparalleled.  We have onboard blended hundreds of vessels during loading operations, from a single grade across all vessel tanks, up to six unique grades stowed onboard.

We are experienced working across a large variety of terminals and with lightering operations.  This includes some of the most challenging terminals utilizing trans mix and complicated common shore lines.  We are highly proficient at accounting for numerous shore line adjustments.  


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