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Vessel Blenders is a customer service company in the business of petroleum cargo management.  

From initial contact to project completion, our clients have the unique experience of confidence and peace of mind. 

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality representation and advocacy on behalf of our clients, while focusing on all the aspects necessary to ensure success in our assignments.  We’ve managed cargo operations for over a thousand vessels, achieving consistent results regardless of complexity level.  

We provide hassle-free, reliable solutions to your most difficult vessel loading, discharging, and onboard blending challenge, anywhere in the world.

Call us at (832) 900-2342, or complete our online contact form to get started. 


In 2010, Charles King, an independent petroleum loss control contractor, was working with a client facing several challenges at a terminal in Houston, TX:

Charles innovated effective solutions, evolving as the client’s requirements became more complex.  The results of his success led to him forming PetroCargo LLC in 2011 to keep up with the demand for his services. The company and its reputation grew quickly.

In January 2015, Charles formed Vessel Blenders LLC, choosing a name more directly reflecting the company’s unique area of expertise – load planning and supervision for onboard blended petroleum cargos on tanker vessels.  


Our clients include many of the world’s largest commodity trading companies, and petroleum refining companies.


American Petroleum Institute

West Gulf Maritime Association


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